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Little Brown Camera

My little brown camera

This little brown camera has sat in different basements for 40 plus years. I know this because I wanted to use it for a class at Pittsburgh Filmmakers but couldn’t open the back to load film. I left the camera with Andy at the equipment office for cleaning and repair. After welding on a new filmĀ release gizmo, Andy discovered a roll of film that had been stuck in the camera for 40 plus years. He processed the undeveloped film and was able to save 7 of 12 frames taken. I was so excited to see what I could do with these old vacation pictures of my husbands family. The family of course didn’t know that the pictures existed. Printing them digitally became the best option. I made copies of the black and whites, and took a picture of the Meopta Flexaret iii (little brown camera). I added a little poem and gifted each sibling for the 2012 holidays. It was a fun surprise for all.

I tried diligently to take more pictures with my little brown camera from Czechoslovakia(1948), but alas, it was tired and the mirror wasn’t what it used to be. I have once again retired the little brown camera, but this time it has a wonderful spot on my office shelf. It makes me smile.